How to build a Free TON brand: Part 1

How to build a Free TON brand: Part 1

Branding requires careful preparation, supplementary data analysis and full adaptation to the chosen strategy. The goal is to create an iconic image to remember in the consumer's head. 

The process of building a Free TON brand can be divided into several major pieces: 

  1. Consumer analysis, the analysis of market and competition.
  2. Development of the idea, strategy and concept of positioning.
  3. Creating of brandstory, logo and slogan.
  4. Choosing a method to communicate with the audience.
  5. Monitoring and analysis of brand efficiency, adjustments. 

How can you tell TON Crystal from other digital currencies? 

Technology proponents will say that the future lies in cryptocurrencies, but the sole thing that we know for sure is that cryptocurrencies are very innovative. 

Technology becoming digital in all aspects of life is a progressive theory, which makes you think about the future. This way, technological aspects emphasize the virtual origin of the cryptocurrency. 

Let’s analyze current trends of cryptocurrency logos: 

Cryptocurrency brands use a group of nodes in a net, making it look like a connection. It suits blockchain technologies, which is hard to visualize in other ways. For some users blockchain and cryptocurrencies are synonyms. 

The most common cryptocurrencies use circles with letters inside, symbolizing coins. The letters inside are usually with serif fonts, closely resembling dollar signs. 

So we can distinguish 2 major tendencies in existing logos:

  1. Visualisation of a blockchain
  2. Visualisation of real money

Shall we use such solutions for TON Crystal? It depends on where the Free TON community sees itself. To be one of many others or to be the first? It’s worth it to consider other strategies, like minimalism, which is used by other crypto projects. 

Why can minimalism become the best solution for the Free TON logo? 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are too clustered and that is why it’s better to opt for a simple, clean and stylish logo. Excessive design, piles of details and obscure elements are tabooed from the Free TON logo. 

Advantages of a minimalistic design of Free TON: 

  1. The speed of getting necessary information and consumer attention.
  2. Emphasys on what is important, unique and useful.
  3. Brand recognition.
  4. Intuitive design.

Let’s consider the existing logo versions of TON Crystal: 

For now we’ve chosen the crystal symbol in different styles for Free TON. Even though the minimalism concept doesn’t intend the usage of precise objects, the symbol is good for use. We shall design a unique and intuitive image of the crystal which will help reflect the main idea and the specific feature of the industry. The unique crystal logo can be used to draw attention to the Free TON ecosystem and increase brand’s visibility. 

What a logo can look like? GramKit team designed their version of a logo: 

Without cluttering up the logo with unnecessary details, Free TON won’t overload consumers' minds. As a result, a person gets straight to the point and decides to join faster. 

Free TON message about core values of the brand.

As the Free TON community is decentralised and everyone in the community has an impact, freedom may become the associative part of the brand. FREEDOM - FREE TON. The brand may represent freedom and it will increase brand’s memorability. The brand can give a user a sensation of lightness, discard old perceptions. How many people want to learn about another blockchain project? Invest in one of thousands of cryptocurrencies? But the project with aspects of freedom and independence will be more appealing to people, who are not quite interested in “another crypto”. 

What else can reinforce the Free TON brand? We’ll continue to unravel in the next article. See you in our channel! 

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