How does the BRIDGE token work

How does the BRIDGE token work

BRIDGE is an Octus Bridge Governance token that allows you to transfer liquidity between blockchains Everscale, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. with minimal fees and at high speeds. The token is available on the FlatQube DEX. Octus Bridge runs as a DAO – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Any BRIDGE holder can vote for certain operational decisions.

How does BRIDGE work?

Octus Bridge blocks tokens from ones blockchains, and issues wrapped tokens in others. Part of this liquidity can be directed to the risk-free protocols Compound, AAVE and Curve. The income from these protocols is the income from BRIDGE.

The BRIDGE token provides users with three fundamental values:

  1. The right to vote (and to manage pool liquidity)
  2. The right to receive dividends (proportional to the amount staked)
  3. The possibility to act as a relayer (validators) and generate additional income.

How can I get BRIDGE tokens?

The token presale was conducted among large funds and other partners with a good reputation. Now they are BRIDGE validators, i.e. they make a consensus on whether a transaction has actually been made on one network, and whether it is necessary to issue the appropriate number of tokens in another.

Anyone can become an Octus Bridge validator. The minimum stake for this is 100,000 BRIDGE tokens.

BRIDGE token distribution 

A total of 14,000,000 BRIDGE tokens will be issued.

  • 65% — Farming (4 years)
  • 12% — Presale
  • 12% — Broxus, long-term developer motivation
  • 11% — Partnership tokens under the management of Everscale DeFi Alliance 

The team has also planned a series of generous airdrops. The distribution of BRIDGE tokens will be as follows:

  • 2% for early Octus Bridge users
  • 2% for liquidity providers in
  • 1% for DeFi Alliance
  • 1% for DeFi Subgovernance
  • 5% for partnerships with strategic investors

Airdrops are carried out over 6 months, and conducted in parts. 

BRIDGE Farming and Staking

BRIDGE tokens can be placed on the FlatQube DEX. For adding liquidity, the user gets LP tokens for farming. The following BRIDGE farming pairs are currently available on the FlatQube:

You can also participate in the BRIDGE staking program and receive a reward once a month.

Staking allows you to receive income in proportion to the tokens you have staked. The profitability of staking depends on several factors, including how much liquidity is blocked in the staking at the moment.

How to stake BRIDGE tokens?

  1. First, go to the Octus Bridge website and connect your EVER Wallet.
  2. In the “My betting balance” field, from the, select the required amount for BRIDGE staking and click the “Stake” button.


The transaction fee is about 11.5 EVER, but most of the fee will be returned to your wallet. The real fee is about 2.8 EVER.

Staking reward rounds are closed every 3-4 months.The amount of your reward will be available after the end of the current reward round.

To withdraw BRIDGE tokens from staking, click the "Redeem" button.


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