Highlights of the GOSH AMA session

The AMA session dedicated to the launch of GOSH, the first GIT blockchain, was held on May 19. We have prepared a summary of comments and answers to popular questions by Mitya Goroshevsky, CTO of EverX and co-founder of GOSH.

What is the value of the project for Everscale?

  • GOSH works on Everscale. First we will bring developers to GOSH, then they will start creating scripts on smart contracts.
  • There will be a staking program in which you will be able to lock your EVER for validation on GOSH, and get a reward.

What problems does GOSH solve?

  • Decentralization of the code. The DAO is deployed immediately when you create a repository.
  • Secure software supply chain.If we want it to be safe it should be decentralized.

What version of the product is launched now?

  • The 1st version to use GOSH repositories is fully Github compliant. 
  • Don't put your live repositories yet because it might restart and lose all the data, so it's just for experiments now.
  • The stable product is expected in about 3 months.

Why was not the project launched on the existing blockchain?

GOSH is launched in closed network mode. Reasons are:

  • Economic — The developer is not expecting to pay  for gas creating each commit. Therefore, we deposit 10000 tokens to each repository (in future, shell stablecoin) you can pay for gas with => need enormous  amounts of gas  => it is impossible to use the existing blockchain model — we don’t simply have enough tokens.

  • Technical — Git onchain chains are different from any contracts and would create an excessive pressure on the network.

  • Politically — we want to appeal to 13 million Docker developers, most of whom have never worked on the blockchain, so we are abstracting from this.

If GOSH is free, what is the business model?

  • The business model for Open Source is a big problem. GOSH is trying to solve it, but this is a long-term goal.
  • There will be a tokenomics for GOSH, and it will be different from the other blockchains’ economy.
  • Using GOSH repositories is for free. But don’t forget about paid functionality.

Does GOSH store data on the blockchain?

Indeed, large blocks are currently stored in ipfs. They will be moved to the drive chain of the project when it’s ready.

What is the global meaning of GOSH?

  • There is a lack of products in DeFi that create real value for the user, since these are mostly purely speculative transactions.
  • GOSH is all about the value because Open Source projects bring real benefits to real people — you use these tools every day.
  • GOSH is probably the most ambitious project ever created on the blockchain!

What feedback have you already got and how can I leave it?

  • We have already got feedback from more than 50 developers’ teams, and we are expanding it.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive the questionnaires where you can contribute to the development.

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