Highlights of the Everscale MeetUp 110 ๐Ÿ—ž

Broxus posted a last call to participate in Elysium Hackathon which kicks off on the July 14th

EverX to have a big update published on the July 15th

Everscale News channel now has the blue verified check mark

CryptoRAT app to launch beta in September and publish the Litepaper soon

Identix.space offers a new crypto users to learn crypto technologies and web3 tools in a simple educative gamified quest form.
• Usually it takes 5-15 min. Main themes: Swapping and farming. Rewards are distributed in EVER and QUBEs
• More than 500 accounts already went through Everscale quest at least once

• All of the 3333 Grandbazar's Merchants were minted out in GLB format
• NFT collections in TIP-4 standard will be on-chain collections so they will exist not only in GB but also in 3rd party services
• Collections of the previous standard will no longer be able to be updated with new NFTs

Blockchain Service Network team is working for the integrating TIP-4 standard in the DDC specification

EverKit team launched EverBoard, token exploration interface with data on gainers and losers tops per day, trading volume and so on
• Also there is a "favorites" section on the website, where users can add tokens for easy tracking
• To edit your own tokens on the site you need to fill out the form

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