Governance System Interface proposal

Governance System Interface proposal

The community manager Roman_D presented a proposal of changing the Free TON Governance interface.

Roman noted a problem that, in his opinion, needs to be solved: the current Free TON Governance interface implies that in order to make proposals, the user must be an initial member of the community and have a proposal key. Only in this case the proposal can be approved. 


How can we solve the problem?

The Community Manager suggests using existing systems of making proposals. An example of a project running on the appropriate system is Trust Wallet.


How does it work?

In order to make a proposal, the user must block 1 million tokens (here Roman notes that the amount is conditional). This is the guarantee of spam protection. When a smart contract puts an offer to a voting, other members can vote with TON Crystal, which are frozen for the duration of the vote and then returned.


What is the reaction of the community to the proposal?

Some users support the proposal, believing that this approach will greatly simplify the proposal submission system and increase the speed of development. Others fear: such a filing mechanism can "kill" Free TON, some users can manipulate the pool, and one million tokens is a significant amount.


What do you think about it?

Join the discussion, leave comments on the forum and under the post on our channel.

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