GOSH – the first git blockchain ever

GOSH (Git Open Source Holder) was launched at the DockerCon conference On May 10 as the first ever git blockchain. GOSH is a separate blockchain based on the Everscale technology to offer a comprehensive solution to securing the global software supply chain of open source software.

The project was presented by Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO EverX:

“Today there are millions of git open source repositories each with a single point of control. Such a system is not very censorship resistant and is not secure because direct or indirect vulnerabilities are possible, so the more code you write, the less secure it is.

GOSH helps to manage the open source repositories as before. But now, with every repository created on GOSH there a DAO is deployed. GOSH is a tool for building consensus around your code. You can now build tools around repositories that can check, encourage and incentivize developers to actually look at the code and attest to its security.

So the whole security marketplaces can be built on top of that. And since it all works on smart contracts, now you can really rely on someone else's security assumption on someone else's repository, just by using smart contracts. That's why we can say that now the more code you write, the more secure it becomes".

According to the project's website, GOSH is already actively working with Amaze and BitRezus on making sure their supply chains are air tight.

The launch news caused discussions in the Everscale community.

Some users see benefits for Everscale network:

  • Gosh validation will be possible by Evers locked;
  • Millions of developers will have access to Everscale technology;
  • Docker’s endorsement of the technology will drive interest of large IT companies and there will be additional liquidity pools on Everscale with GOSH tokens.

Some Everscale members are skeptical so far, basically due to the separation of GOSH from the Everscale blockchain.

Community members, among the others, will be able to get answers to their questions at the GOSH AMA session scheduled for May 18.

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