GOSH launches Layer 2 for Ethereum ⚪️

GOSH launches Layer 2 for Ethereum ⚪️

The GOSH platform announced that it runs as Ethereum Layer 2.

GOSH is a scalable asynchronous sharded blockchain that allows select partners to run smart contracts on-chain for Free. GOSH stores and processes git objects entirely on-chain, allowing for fully decentralized management of repositories through GOSH DAOs.

GOSH currently runs over 2,000 DAOs and over 56 million git object smart contracts have been deployed. Developing on GOSH means using smart contracts for every merge, commit, and pull request, so GOSH is the first development platform where the more code you write the more secure it becomes.

GOSH is a production ready on-chain Git DAO platform while GOSH L2 is accessible with limited functionality as a Beta within the GOSH user interface.

GOSH L2 is launching with 12 partners: GBA, Ethernity Cloud, DeVote, GEX, DeSci World, Q, deScier, WOW DAO, Pruvendo, Hero2Quest, Triscale, Viete.

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