GOSH — A Very Peculiar Blockchain ⚪

GOSH — A Very Peculiar Blockchain ⚪

GOSH is a first ever decentralized GitHub. The project uses the Everscale codebase as a decentralized server for git storage.

GOSH secures software supply chains by providing a variety of different tools to developers, and enterprises alike. One of these is the decentralized management of code through DAOs.

The first anniversary of GOSH is coming. Enjoy our review of the publication which describes the project's key features.

GOSH Blockchain Innovation

The key innovation was the creation of a blockchain that offers free use. On GOSH, any developer can create their own code for free, just like on any other git. Only this git is fully on-chain.

The developers have achieved this through the GOSH Free Service Area. Fees are not transferred to validators, but to the giver, who distribute the gas between other contracts. This means that any developer can use GOSH for free, and sell their services using Fiat Payment Gateways without a need to KYC/AML.

GOSH tokens

• The SHELL token is the main utility token of the GOSH blockchain and is used to pay gas and fees. Anybody can buy SHELL with their credit card for (and always for) $1.

• The DAO token is convertible to DAO Karma — the voting token of any DAO on GOSH — which, in turn, is not transferable or tradeable.


Paid membership in GOSH offers developers a new way to unlock the value of their code. DAOs will be able to lend Karma as a monthly subscription to those who want to support open source. In exchange for their contribution, members will receive voting power in a DAO as Karma.

Open source, governed through DAOs, can now be financially supported by users and enthusiasts, all while keeping it free to use, and so, open.

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