Gas in Everscale ⛽️

Gas in Everscale ⛽️

The unit of measure for computational work within the Everscale blockchain platform is Gas.

It allows calculating the required resource inputs for operations on the network. Like the fuel needed for any journey, gas can be called the «fuel» of the network.

Users performing various operations on the Everscale blockchain must pay a certain amount of gas (in EVER).

⬜️ Gas is paid for:
• network computing
• memory cells loading
• outgoing message creation
• incoming external-message — if user agrees to pay for it (the fee depends on the size of the message)
• code storage — each contract pays a «rent» for storing its code in the network (it occurs every time a user receives a transaction)

The amount of gas for the transaction depends on its complexity and the amount of resources.

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