Galaxy Online starts Free TON integration

Galaxy Online starts Free TON integration

Galaxy Online recently proposed a partnership to Free TON. As part of the integration of the blockchain into the online gaming universe, the developers made a big game update. According to the previously published announcement, it includes global changes in game mechanics and economics. These changes affected almost all sub-items, except for «Space Station», «Market», «Quest Bounty Fund», «Quest Bounty» section 2.

Galaxy Online Upgrade

  • Point limit increased from 15k to 22.5k. Credits are allocated to increase the points limit, and the balances are transferred to the Solarium and credited to the OS.
  • The maximum levels of all planetary buildings are increased to 30.
  • Introduced new characteristics and rebalanced all buildings.

More details about balances and changes can be found here.


Launch of the Free TON game race

The race and the base galaxy Friton have already been created in the game universe.

To start playing in Galaxy Online, you need to register. It is enough to set only a username and password, as well as get a bonus code.

The game starts at the Galaxy Academy. This is a tutorial step for players of all races. In the Academy, you will need to complete all the required tasks, and the final stage will be the release from the Academy into the open world of Free TON.

By the way, while registration and authorization through the Free TON smart contract is not yet connected in the game, we advise you to write down and securely save your username and password. They cannot be restored, which means that if you lose data, you will not be able to continue the game.

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