FREETONSHOP — news and new products of the first Free TON store

FREETONSHOP — news and new products of the first Free TON store

Svetlana Rotarash, the founder of the store, shares the plans of its development and tells about new products that can be purchased for TON Crystal.

Partnerships from a new perspective

“To spread information about the Free TON ecosystem through its products, to raise awareness among people inside and outside the system about the existence of the Free TON blockchain and its initiatives”, Svetlana outlined the main goal of FREETONSHOP during the AMA session.

There is already a variety of projects in the Free TON system, and new ones are constantly emerging. Svetlana emphasizes that the team monitors fresh ideas and collaborates with the most interesting ones, thereby developing and promoting these initiatives: the user can go to the FREETONSHOP for merch and learn about projects he has never even heard of, get acquainted with them.

For example, one of those projects is Tree TON, a charitable community that aims to make the planet greener by planting trees. To achieve their goal, they have involved Free TON.

That’s how FREETONSHOP users became involved in charity. By transferring crystals for any Tree TON collection item in the FREETONSHOP store, customers send up to 25% for tree planting. Check it out on the Tree TON telegram channel.

The store team is always actively looking for partnerships. At the moment, three business partners are in the final negotiation stage.

Product line and new items


Poker sets, table covers, cards, phone cases, mugs, t-shirts.

Tree TON merch
Clothing with Free TON merch
Coffee Pause

Certificates for 50, 100, 200, 300 TON Crystal. This is an opportunity to make a gift to your loved ones and introduce them to the world of Free TON. The store creates and sends personalized certificates to the recipient.

Steps towards users

We have already described to you in detail how to start spending your crystals in the store. Since then, innovations have appeared, the process has become easier, and shopping has become more profitable:

  • free shipping within the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, when your order cost will be >100 TON Crystal
  • free shipping worldwide for orders over 200 TON Crystal
  • Orders are processed and delivered from Monday to Friday within 48 hours from the moment of request
  • store support service is available daily from 9 to 23 hours
  • various offers and discounts on Fridays: free delivery is one of the most popular
  • bonus system. To participate, you need to join the channel and store chat, perform simple tasks, answer questions, and receive bonuses to your account. Bonuses are also distributed for inviting friends

What to expect soon

The store has revised its policy of supplementing its product range: something new will appear monthly — one or two products.

Hoodies with new merch and an absolute novelty for FREETONSHOP — cardigans will appear by the fall. Exclusive for girls — a crop top that looks like a cropped hoodie.

The payment procedure will be improved. At the moment you can’t link your wallet to the store account, but in the near future, as Svetlana mentioned, a link to one of the wallets with crystals should appear. 

And finally, the most anticipated store upgrade — its own website, which is already under development. With its release, the calculation of the total goods cost will become automated, which will make it easier to determine the delivery cost (especially its free options). For now, the store administrator contacts customers after the order is placed and informs the customer of the delivery price.

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