FREETONSHOP_bot store in Telegram. How it works and what you can buy with TONs

FREETONSHOP_bot store in Telegram. How it works and what you can buy with TONs

The sense of belonging to a particular brand or community drives millions, and being able to express your identity among people is inspiring. Therefore, the Free TON project has an online store with its merchandise – “FREE TON SHOP”. In this article, we will look at what an automated Telegram-based online store is, what merchandise is sold and how to purchase it.

Technically, FREE TON SHOP is a bot-based store on Telegram that promotes the Free TON brand by labeling and printing various images with the Free TON name and associated branding on products aimed at the main target audience of the blockchain space: people from 20 to 35 years old.

It would be strange if an online store dedicated to TON and TON Crystal cryptocurrency accepted fiat currency. That is why FREETONSHOP offers to buy its merch for TON Crystal.

The product categories of the virtual store meet the needs of users of the Free TON ecosystem. So, among the main assortment of Free TON SHOP, there are branded hoodies, baseball caps, T-shirts, clothes for the Pokerton project, as well as branded souvenirs (socks, stickers, badges, coins, mugs) and even coffee.

Freedom, simplicity, accessibility – all the principles of Free TON are reflected in the FREETONSHOP store. Freedom is a comfortable and high-quality merch that you want to wear; simplicity – laconic, minimalistic prints in the best traditions, for example, Off-White or Heron Preston; availability – worldwide delivery and the ability to buy merchandise for cryptocurrency.

What does FREETONSHOP look like?

As mentioned above, the store works like an automated telegram bot that has tabs for the services offered. In other words, this is a site, only based on the messenger, with pre-prepared answers to your request and links.

 There are 6 available tabs on the bot’s page: “Product catalog”, where the main merchandise available for order is presented; “Basket”, where the user can adjust his order; “Settings”, where you can change the bot language; “There are no TONs yet”, from where you can follow the link to download the TON wallet and buy cryptocurrency; “Orders” with the history of purchased goods and “Help”, where you can contact the administrator with a question.

The product catalog contains 6 tabs with available merchandise – sweatshirts, T-shirts, souvenirs, coffee, and clothes branded for the Pokerton project.

For example, in the Pokerton tab, there are products such as decks of cards, poker sets for 200/300/500 chips, poker table covers in various sizes, t-shirts, hoodies, and caps. The cost of all product categories varies from 8 to 620 TON. The remaining tabs contain merchandise specifically for the Free TON project, where product categories range from 25 to 158 TON.

How to make an order?

To place an order in FREETONSHOP, you should go to the “Product Catalog” tab and take a few simple steps:

  1. Select the tab you are interested in with the merchandise available for ordering: PokerTON; Sweatshirts; T-shirts; Baseball caps; Souvenirs; Coffee;
  2. Select the product category you like and click [Add to cart];
  3. After adding an item to the cart, you can continue choosing another merchandise or go straight to checkout by clicking on the corresponding tab;
  4. In the shopping cart you can correct your order and proceed to checkout by clicking on the [Create order] tab;
  5. By clicking on the [Create order] tab, you specify your data, delivery address, and pay for the purchase of TON Crystal.

What if the user does not yet have the cryptocurrency to buy merchandise at FREETONSHOP?

To buy the TON Crystal cryptocurrency, and then for it – the merchandise you like, you just need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the FREETONSHOP store in Telegram. Click [Buy TON] -> [Go to Chatex].
  2. Register in Chatex, indicating your nickname, country, and language. Verification can be skipped.
  3. Press [Exchange], select [Buy], then TON, and the currency for which you want to buy TON Crystal, for example, rubles [RUB].
  4. Select a means of payment, find an advertisement, click [Buy], specify the required amount and payment details.
  5. After the funds go to the TON Crystal wallet in Chatex, return to the store, and refill the basket!

The system of making purchases in the Free TON online merchant store is as simple and accessible as possible: any user can quickly and comfortably place an order without unnecessary actions. And the buying process is so fast that the buyer will be able to choose the next merch very soon, sitting in a soft Free TON hoodie with a branded mug of warming latte in hand.

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