Free TON Web & Design Jury Selection Contest 1.0

Free TON Web & Design Jury Selection Contest 1.0

Do you want to try your hand at jurying? There is a chance for you – a jury selection contest is taking place in the Free TON Web & Design community. In this post, you can learn more about what the requirements are for the jury, how to apply and the date of the deadline for submission. Welcome!

Since Free TON seeks to be completely decentralized, juries will be appointed by the community, not a specific person. The contest began 2 days ago, at midnight on November 11 and will last exactly one week, until November 18. No more than 15 qualified candidates will be selected as new members of the jury. Their responsibilities will include examining, analyzing and voting on the entries in community-run contests. Also, judges will be required to provide detailed and high-quality reviews of the contestants’ work.

The main selection criteria will be the skills, achievements and motivation of the participants, as well as their willingness to devote time and energy to this work. To take part in the competition, users will have to submit their resume in pdf format, and make sure that it contains the following information: wallet address and public key, full name, email, Telegram nickname, link to LinkedIn profile, professional experience, qualification proof and other data. A template was created by the organizers of the competition to facilitate this process. It is optional, as the application can be submitted in any form, but indicates what data should be provided.

Remember: if the application is not available for viewing or does not meet the criteria / does not contain the necessary information, it will be rejected by the judges.

Existing community judges will evaluate submission in this competition. The works will be assigned a score from 1 to 10, depending on the results of the voting, and eventually, the participants with the highest number of points will be selected as new juries.

Full terms of the contest can be found here.

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