Free TON was met with mixed reactions

Free TON was met with mixed reactions
  • On the one side, some investors considered that the project would not be interesting to the market without the Telegram user base. In addition, the Free TON network was mistakenly called TON fork*, however, only the working blockchain system can have a fork, and Telegram TON was never launched.
  • On the other side, the number of users signing the Declaration on Decentralization is growing, as it is widely believed that the project has its own prospects. At the moment, Free TON It is regarded as a blockchain that has achieved decentralization, but not completely, that indicates the need to work further. Free TON may become a new blockchain network built on a voluntary basis, close to underlying principles of Bitcoin.

You can sign the Declaration on Decentralization and bring the project closer to achieving its objectives.

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* Fork - using the program code of one project for the start of another, while the main project may either still exist or stop.

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