Free TON Turkey Governance Proposal

Free TON Turkey Governance Proposal

On August 16, a proposal to form a Turkish Subgovernance, the purpose of which is to spread the ideas of Free TON in Turkey, was made on the forum.


Due to the unstable economic situation in Turkey, there was an increase in the exchange of local currency for cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrency is becoming a popular monetary unit, Turkish citizens need a decentralized financial system in which there will be no censorship and a high commission. The most important advantage of popularizing Free TON in Turkey, of course, is the security of this blockchain.

Plan of the project

The team of potential Subgovernance plans to promote Free TON in Turkey, look for investors and strategic partners, attract a new audience, develop a DeFi system, etc.

The Subgovernance development program is divided into 3 stages:

  1. The beginning of the popularization of Free TON in Turkey;
  2. Sustainable implementation of Free TON in the Turkish cryptocurrency market;
  3. Strengthening the position of Free TON in Turkey.

The amount of tokens requested for the project ~ 269650 TON Crystal.

Reaction of the community to the proposal

Some users reacted positively to the proposal, since it is itemized, moreover, the team quickly answers the questions that arise. However, some members of the community doubt that the activities of the Subgovernance will not become another theft of tokens. An interesting point was that the team removed from the list some participants who helped to think through the project.

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