Free TON rebranding: choose the best name

Free TON rebranding: choose the best name

The rebranding of Free TON is one of the most popular topics for discussion within the community, which has already begun voting for the best blockchain name. This article presents rebranding options from Alexander Filatov.

Se(c)kond: This is about time. Time is the most valuable thing in the world. And the idea here is multifaceted. Time is the most valuable thing for people. As for blockchains - we claim that we are the FASTEST network in the world. So time (in terms of block time and amount of transactions/sec) is also crucial here. Positive timing connotations could be capitalized on when building out the brand e.g. Split-Sekond: ‘Split’ could refer to the multi-threading aspect of the network, whilst ‘Sekond’ would denote the high speed that the transactions are processed at.  This is strong from a brand/SEO standpoint as there are no major competitors online and the .com .io and .net URLs are all available. And the marketing potential is great… e.g. Looking for a scalable network? Oh, wait a (the) second!

Proto(s): With Greek roots, protos means “first,” “foremost,” “earliest form of.” This brand ties in with free TON’s vision in building WebFree - being the first to ever offer end-to-end decentralization for the basis of an entirely new form of social/economic exchange. 

Everscale: Key competitive advantage of the network is performance on throughput / scalability. Reinforcing this directly in the brand allows to laserfocus that message. Furthermore, we are also talking about scalability of governance.  

Numen: Stems from ancient Romans who saw divine force and power operating in the inanimate objects and nonhuman phenomena around them. The Free TON network is alluded to as such a phenomenon that has the power to create unprecedented "divinely inspired" change. The alliteration of ‘Numen Network’ is appealing from a brand standpoint.

ESG: Free TON has been the only network since Bitcoin that executed a true fair launch to enable long-term institutional ownership potential. No token sale of any sort, truly decentralized and open governance. We can substantiate E with our super efficient (and best performing!) SMV-POS protocol, TreeTON, HumanVenture etc initiative. S because we are an open global community where anybody can come and contribute / lead. G because we have the most progressive and transparent governance. I can see Microstrategy and Blackrock buying our ESG token next to Bitcoin. (We own the domain). I know it’s boring. But. Nobody in crypto even thought about owning an ESG positioning. (We have a lot of competition on speed - Solana, Avalanche etc). This is against the traffic. And exchanges and institutional folks should love this in theory.

Insta(nt).network: Again playing on time here and low finality of the network. 

!nvincible: Invincible (the winner). Too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Bold, brave and loud. 

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