Free TON Partner Analytics Contest Results

Free TON Partner Analytics Contest Results

The Free TON community got to the point where it became necessary to determine the “quality” of current and potential partnerships.

The need was fulfilled by the Analytics of partner requests contest, organized by the Analytics & Support subgovernance.

The idea of the contest was to develop a system for collecting and studying data on accepted and rejected partnership proposals, as well as new submissions. And the goal was to create an analytical toolkit of the Free TON partner network.

Contest Winners And Reviews Of Their Work

Four contestants competed for the prize pool. The reward gap for third and fourth place was quite significant.

1st place — 50 000 TON Crystals
2nd place — 30 000 TON Crystals
3rd place — 20 000 TON Crystals
4th-10th place — 3 000 TON Crystals each

First Place

Submission #2 from the development team led by @lvv — 9.6 points.

The Free TON PARTNERS analytics system provides information on the distribution of partnership proposals by month, the number of  partnerships considered and accepted.

Displays information about the segmentation of partnerships by category.

The jury noted that the conditions of the contest were fully met and highlighted the key points that brought the system to victory:

  • the use of a symbiosis of BI analytics technology and web development;
  • the ability of a detailed analysis of transactions by any partner, a separate analysis of two levels of transactions;
  • daily data update in automatic mode.
Second Place

Submission #1 from @Platon team — 8.55 points.

The solution consists of three information blocks:

  • code of partnerships;
  • accepted partnerships;
  • unaccepted partnerships.

The toolkit developers distributed partnership submissions by area of activity, then the data was structured using tables and graphs.

The demonstration allows you to analyze the number of submissions applied/accepted, consider them in terms of requested budgets and actual payments, average payouts.

With the help of the automatic Eye of Sauron solution, the analytical system provides visual information about changes in a partner’s wallet balance, as well as the amount of transfers to the exchange directly or with the use of intermediary wallets.

The judges considered the lack of information in the analysis of the partnership with Torus organization and partially missing logos.

Third Place

Submission #4 from a community team led by @FastSha — 8 points.

The title page of the presentation contains summary information on each community partner:

  • name;
  • logo;
  • partnership submission date;
  • data about the obtained TON Crystals.

Among the shortcomings of the work the judges mentioned the lack of information in the analytical system about the scope of potential partners, their status, as well as the lack of data on the number of submissions by month.

The creators of the analytical system are planning to introduce a unique solution to their work — Partner KPI by DeBOT verification.

Partner KPI by DeBot verification is a standardized form where the partner enters his data and signs it with a private key, using the Free TON blockchain tool — DeBot. This way, the partner cryptographically confirms its commitment to the ecosystem.

Fourth Place

Submission #3 by @Timuchen — 7.2 points.

The judges noted the modern and authentic design of the work — the TON TO SPACE portal.

Each partner’s profile displays information about the name of the organization, the partnership application status, the requested budget, and the funds paid out.

The analytical system lacks information about the dynamics of a partner’s wallet balance and links to some AMA sessions. The judges also noted that the information about AMA sessions and partners’ key performance indicators (KPI) is presented incompletely and not structured.


Contest participants developed holistic analytical resources. Their integration into the Free TON ecosystem will help solve the problem of insufficient awareness of community members on the issue of the community partner network.

The solutions developed by the contestants will also help potential partners to form an idea of the current partner environment and make an effective and mutually beneficial offer.

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