Free TON Cryptography Subgovernance proposal

Free TON Cryptography Subgovernance proposal

At the Free TON community weekly MeetUp #66, a presentation of the Cryptography Subgovernance proposal was held.

What is the point of this proposal?

The mission of Cryptography Subgovernance is to improve and develop the Free TON protocol and applications using related constructions and tools.

The proposal is to integrate on-chain governance for Cryptography Subgovernance as a separate interface with Free TON Governance functions.

Within the framework of integration, it is planned to hold a Cryptography Subgovernment jury competition, the members of which will be divided into thematic groups. The jury members will have to ensure the uninterrupted work of the Subgovernance, develop contest proposals and implement them, evaluate the works of the contestants, etc.

Categories of contests:

  1. Protocol contests;
  2. Tooling contests;
  3. Other contests.

The amount of funds required to hold contests is 5,000,000 TON Crystal.

Community reaction to the proposal

At the community MeetUp, Ron Millow, commercial director of TON Labs, spoke positively about the proposal even before its presentation. The participants of the MeetUp had almost no questions and comments regarding the proposal.

What do you think about it?

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