Free TON Contest Results: Sovereign Identity Framework

Free TON Contest Results: Sovereign Identity Framework

SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) is an important mechanism that provides security and offers great opportunities to implement many distributed database features.

To introduce SSI technology, the Free TON community has launched a series of contests for its description and implementation within its blockchain.

Need For SSI

Distributed data ledger technology is gradually expanding beyond the financial sector. The introduction of blockchain into all new areas raises the question of managing one’s own identity. This is important because many social aspects are impossible without reliable identification, for example, participation in political elections.

Currently, among electronic means of identification, government databases, corporations, the banking sector, and social networks are used.

But the problem is that the same data is of great interest to hackers as well. Centralized storage of user data cannot provide a sufficient level of protection, so the solution is in the hands of decentralized projects.

The Free TON Community Has Accepted The Challenge

Realizing the trend, Free TON decided to take up the description of the SSI system and its implementation, considering the features of the blockchain.

Learn more about the technology in our article SSI: Voluntary Self-sovereign Identity Will Defeat The Bureaucracy

The First Stage Of The Contest

The first stage of the contest began in early summer under the aegis of the DeFi subgovernance. The prize pool of the contest, as well as other community contests, can be called generous:

1st place — 100 000 TON Crystal
2nd place — 50 000 TON Crystal
3rd place — 25 000 TON Crystal

The main criteria for winning were the completeness of the description of integration into the Free TON blockchain architecture, the review of existing SSI solutions, as well as ways to solve the problems of decentralized identification.

Four teams took part in the contest. The difference between the first and second places was only 0.02 points.

Third Place

Submission #1 — 6.20 points.

The judges noted in the work an amazing study of the theoretical base, a complete understanding of existing SSI implementations, and their problems. At the same time, they pointed out that the participant did not consider the features of the Free TON blockchain architecture.

Second Place

Submission #3 — 7.83 points. 

The jury liked the presented theoretical part and a detailed description of the vision of SSI implementation on the Free TON blockchain. On the downside, the judges noted the insufficient market overview of existing SSI systems to the disadvantages.

First Place

Submission #2 — 7.85 points. 

The judges gave the work first place, noting its design and full compliance with the terms of the contest. The above benefits complemented the full description of the integration of SSI into Free TON through smart contracts and clearly defined roles of system participants.

To Sum It Up

Decentralized identification systems, like the DeFi system, are still difficult for wide adoption and understanding. What the user does not understand pushes him away.

From this point of view, Free TON contests serve not only community development, but also educational purposes — they introduce users to the nuances of the new direction of Internet development. But the contest has also fulfilled its main mission — a solution for integrating SSI into Free TON has been found.

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