Free TON Contest: DeCourses

Free TON Contest: DeCourses

The Free TON Academy subgovernance has launched a contest to create educational courses on the crypto industry. Educational program offerings are expected to appear on the academy’s website in the next three months. Trainers, teachers, coaches, and crypto-enthusiasts are invited to join, share experiences, and be rewarded in TON Crystal.

The purpose of the DeCourses (decentralized courses) contest is to develop and post-training courses on the Free TON Academy website. The topics of the courses should be related to the crypto industry in general and the Free TON project in particular. The contest will consist of three stages, each of which lasts one month. The English-speaking and non-English-speaking are divided into separate contests.

Contest dates:

1st stage — from June 21 to July 21.
2nd stage — from August 5 to September 5.
3rd stage — from September 20 to October 20, 2021.

All stages of DeCourses should result in a Free TON ecosystem educational platform for those who want to get an idea and knowledge of how the crypto world works.

In The Focus Of The Contest

On the one hand, the courses developed should attract interest in Free TON as a blockchain that rewards the education of its members. On the other hand, they can encourage students to invest in cryptocurrency by pointing out the most proven and effective ways.

The contestants must consider these nuances when proposing contest content. There is a requirement for the course program to be related to the Free TON blockchain, but there are no restrictions for the contestants.

Terms of the contest

The main requirement is to offer course content on the academy website and to recruit students. There is no need to submit an additional application anywhere.

The number of courses created by one contestant is not limited, each course will be rated separately. However, judges have the right not to accept courses from the same developer as different submissions if they differ only slightly from each other.

It is expected that during the DeCourses it will be possible to:

  • get the best online learning practices
  • evaluate the best KPI courses, which depend on the number of applicants and their feedback, and give each a rating
  • improve the quality of the education system
  • attract and support talented specialists and teachers willing to transfer their methods and knowledge to the Free TON Academy
  • Disseminate modern and innovative technologies through the Free TON Academy

Rewards for the winners

The prize fund for the first stage of the contest for English-language courses is 30,000 TON Crystals and 24,000 TON Crystals for courses in other languages.

The prize money will be distributed among the contestants in descending order of points. If the number of quality courses exceeds the bold expectations of the contest organizers, the number of rewards may increase.

Details on the contest requirements can be found in the contest proposal. In addition, members of the Free TON Academy subgovernance are open to discuss questions or suggestions about the contest and will help with posting courses on the site in their Telegram channel.

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