Free TON Community Soundtrack. Contest review on the eve of the results

Free TON Community Soundtrack. Contest review on the eve of the results

The contest for the best soundtrack for the Free TON community is currently out for voting. Another creative battle predictably caused a stir in the community. There are 67 contest works presented to the jury members. While the judges are choosing the winners, we offer you an overview of the contest and the most memorable (in our opinion) compositions.

Community reaction to the contest idea

The soundtrack contest provoked a strong and rather ambiguous reaction at the stage of discussing the idea. Opinions varied on the community forum. Some believed that holding creative contests in Free TON was impractical and of no benefit to the development of the blockchain community. It was also suggested that the soundtrack contest is controversial and difficult for objective judging. After all, a jury member must rely not only on his own opinion and love for a particular musical genre, but also understand modern trends, and be able to assess the potential viral effect of the soundtrack. In response to this assumption, here’s a quote from a community forum user:

As for the rebellion with accusations of incompetent judging… Such accusations will always be present in creative contests. Added value, in other words

Nevertheless, most users were inspired by the music contest. After all, a beautiful and memorable sound will help the Free TON blockchain become more recognizable. In addition, the product of the contest —  an original and unique soundtrack — will become the property of the Free TON community. And this is an important factor to unite and strengthen the corporate spirit of the blockchain community.

Requirements for proposals and rewards

  • High quality, musicality, and originality of the soundtrack;
  • The duration of the track is from 2 to 6 minutes;
  • No plagiarism;
  • Musical compositions must be uploaded to YouTube;
  • Works must be published under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

However, the contest is creative, so the main characteristics of the soundtrack: genre, mood, presence of a vocal part — all this is determined by the author of the musical composition.

The authors of the top 10 contest soundtracks will receive a corresponding reward:

1st place — 5,000 TON Crystals
2nd place — 4,000 TON Crystals
3rd place — 3 000 TON Crystals
4th place — 2 000 TON Crystals
5-10 places — 1,000 TON Crystals each

And now let’s start listening

While the jury members are busy with their challenging work (after all, there are 67 submissions!), we just press “play”, tap our fingers on the tabletop, and introduce you to the songs that “hooked” us.

Freedom Funky

The first one to submit his composition called “Freedom Funky” was @seventhspace. Submission #1 is a jazz-funk track. The tune is uplifting and energizing. The soundtrack will sound very organic and appropriate at conferences, AMA sessions.

Ahead of Time

Submission #13 is a composition with the self-explanatory title “Ahead of Time”. We liked it for its original, beautiful, majestic sound. The combination of a calm piano melody and a dynamically developing «cosmic» beat takes you into the future.

All You Need is dApp

Submission #45 is the song “All You Need is dApp”. The track is a cover version of “All you need is love” by The Beatles. New sound, nice vocals and words of love and devotion to Free TON — we like it all!

All you need is dApp
All you need is dApp
All you need is dApp, dApp
dApp is all you need

Decentralization allows to reach consensus in groups.
It works only when the whole system is decentralized.
This blockchain supports all the decentralized Apps.
It’s easy!

But what about copyright? Let’s leave this question to the judges.

We make our future

Submission #44 attracted attention with the soundtrack, which has the symbolic title “We make our future”. The composition in the genre of electronic music sounds modern and rhythmic. It’s mesmerizing. Free TON —  OUR FUTURE — how to get those words out of your head now?! It has all chances to become viral content in the crypto-world.

Bright Future

Submission #48 from contestant redpilloid is a soundtrack called Bright Future. An unobtrusive, catchy tune is a perfect conference background. The futuristic sound of a digital synthesizer sets the working mood.

Pure Progress

Contest participant  Mason Williams offered his own version of the soundtrack for the community. The composition “Pure Progress” (submission #51), performed in the industrial-metal genre, will definitely appeal to those who like more «heavy» music. The drums and the guitar riff energize, and the messages create a driving mood. The track is uplifting.

Voices Free TON

Let’s note the creativity and unique approach of the author who created submission #67. The track  features the voices of participants during the conference held on May 7, 2020 to celebrate the launch of the Free TON blockchain. Listening to Voices Free TON evokes a sense of pride in being part of the Free TON community. Listen while standing!


We wonder if our favorites will be among the winners? And most importantly, will we hear them afterwards? After all, at the stage of discussing the contest, there was an idea to compile the first album of the NFT community from the best compositions of the contest and place it on the Free TON blockchain marketplace.

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