Free TON & World of Dogs partnership

Free TON & World of Dogs partnership

A long time ago, in September 2020, a partnership proposal with World of Dogs from the user WodTeam appeared on the Free TON forum.

World of Dogs is a game in Telegram, respectively, in order to take part in it, there is no need to engage in installation. Sounds convenient. The gameplay consists of creating a game avatar, a dog, which logically follows from the name, and pumping your pet.

The game belongs to the category of games with withdrawal of money, and, as indicated in the proposal, there are several payment options: TON, cryptocurrency in general, bank cards and wallets.

History of the proposal

The goal of the proposal was to promote the Free TON community among the player base, and not only the community. The goal was also to increase the number of wallet installations. It was assumed that the World of Dogs community is very active, and will gladly use tokens to take part in game quests and events.

However, the creators of the application provided user statistics, convincing the forum that this is not the case. The player base consists mainly of adults.

The proposal was eventually adopted. The game was gaining popularity, new users were appearing, so the partnership seemed like a wonderful idea.

The community existed for only six months, and there was no news related to the so-called benches, or deception. Now it has become clear that the proposal may be a deception, judging by the comments of forum users.

In December, a representative of the proposal posted progress: the integration of TON Crystals, advertising, the issuance of TON for registering wallets, the creation of the Free TON gaming arena, joint tournaments with Free TON League and PokerTon. At the moment, the situation was good.

Nevertheless, there was a need to make sure that our community would receive new active participants during the partnership. The main goal of integration was to promote the community. Does a partnership make sense if World of Dogs players just get prize tokens to then use them for their own purposes.

Then a lull temporarily came on the forum branch, in May new discussions began to appear regarding the bad faith of administrators. User Cmon posted an investigation into this on behalf of "caring players." You can get acquainted with the materials on the discussion branch, the message is dated May 31. It is worth paying tribute to the administration of the game - they took part in the further development of the conflict, providing reports or refuting information, and on August 5 provided KPI with a report.

At the moment, there is no news from the partner, and there is an assumption that the partnership may be a scam, although the partners posted their progress regularly throughout the time. Whether this partnership is a scam, or not, is yet an unresolved issue. Perhaps this is just an ineffective partnership that has not brought significant results.

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