Free TON and Chatex Are Partners

Free TON and Chatex Are Partners

The Chatex cryptocurrency exchange was the first to include tokens in its wallet.

With the support of the exchange, TON acquired the status of a currency. Together with Chatex, you can safely store, send, buy and sell TON Crystal easily and quickly.

Chatex support works around the clock on the principle of a quick individual approach and assistance in difficult moments. The exchange has the lowest fees:

 — “When we applied for participation in the Free TON project, we said that 25% of all TON wallets were created by Chatex,” said Co-Founder of the Chatex exchange Egor Petukhovsky in an interview for — Now, I hope this number is less, we are not growing so fast. We would like the community to grow even faster than we do. That would be great.

TON Crystal has been constantly growing since June, with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of deals already concluded. It is no secret, noted Egor Petukhovsky, that TON is most often exchanged for USDT, this is the most popular trading pair.

— We are expanding, we are constantly looking for talent and we love the Free TON community very much. And by the way, the last of our guys, whom we are very happy with, just came from the Free TON community. We only accept crazy people in a good way and only those who are determined to achieve results.

Egor Petukhovsky also spoke about how the work of TON began, why the choice fell on this project and what became the main prerequisite for cooperation.

— We, of course, initially wanted to support the project, which was produced by the Durov brothers. We dived there solely hoping to work with TON, but when TON ceased to exist for legal reasons, Free TON appeared. And since we have already spent quite a lot of money on support, we decided, okay, let’s connect Free TON. To be honest, at that time we had no idea what it was. This is a lucky break. Now, looking back, I am very happy that we are in this story. It gave us a huge number of users, a valuable community.

Egor Petukhovsky noted that the values and development plans of Free TON and Chatex completely coincide.

— I have not met anyone from the cryptocurrency business who is so close to Chatex ideologically. We promote the same values and, moreover, we do it in the same markets. Free TON helps us a lot as a community.

What is being implemented now

The cashback program for users has been running since November 6. A user who makes a “crypto-fiat” or “fiat-crypto” transaction in the amount of more than one hundred dollars in Chatex receives one TON as a reward. Thus, Chatex provides distribution of TON to those who have not even heard of it. And this is just the beginning, because the plans of the exchange are the implementation of all the obligations undertaken.

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