Free TON after Rust Cup: comments from Mitja Goroshevsky about the "race"

Free TON after Rust Cup: comments from Mitja Goroshevsky about the "race"

On September 1, the Rust Cup validator race, the purpose of which was to test the node written in the Rust programming language, ended. At the final stages of the race, the validators managed to break the world record, namely, to achieve more than 55,000 transactions per second on the TON Labs test network.

At the 70th community weekly MeetUp, TON Labs technical director Mitja Goroshevsky commented on the achievement.

The value of Whitepaper

Mitya Goroshevsky pointed out that the Free TON development project described in the Whitepaper document is probably the only project that will be large-scale and safe. This was just proved by a broken record, although high throughput is only one aspect of Whitepaper.

What does the record mean?

According to the comments of TON Labs Technical Director, this achievement is not a completion, since in this case the value is not the number of transactions per second that was achieved during the race, but the ability to break any record in general, regardless of the number of transactions. Mitja Goroshevsky makes the comparison with the Solana blockchain, which, in his opinion, will never be able to achieve such results.

A comment from Pavel Prigolovko

TON Labs CSPO Pavel Prigolovko also commented on the race: firstly, it is necessary to increase the number of prize-winning places. Moreover, the race lasted longer than it had to, so it is necessary to distribute an additional amount of tokens among validators. Thirdly, since stakes in mainnet increased during the race, it is necessary to increase the prize for prize-winning places.

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