Free TON Academy Developers’ Websites Contest

Free TON Academy Developers’ Websites Contest

The threshold for developers to enter the ecosystem is high, even for advanced ones. The community is interested in developers, however, due to the indicated problem, an obstacle arises for the development of the network. The idea of the proposal is to create a project of the site, which would serve as a source of information for the developers of the ecosystem. The contest is aimed at a long-term initiative: the team that presents the solution must be ready to promote their application and improve it, and receiving prize tokens is only the beginning of this path.

Stage 1: development of a website concept for developers. It is necessary to analyze the needs of developers, draw up a technical assignment and a layout.

Stage 2: implementation of the developed site, the stage will last two months with an additional two weeks for improvement.

Content of the application for the first stage:

  1. CustDev. Research and analysis of the existing information needs of novice and experienced developers, validators, using personal or online interviews with interview recording and conclusions.
  2. Use Cases - Situations in which developers will link to the site and its use cases.
  3. Analysis of best practices both within blockchain projects and beyond.
  4. Solution description, internal mechanics, navigation, user story.
  5. Free form terms of reference, infrastructure requirements.
  6. Screen layouts.
  7. Substantial strategy and approach to its implementation.
  8. List of articles with an understanding of their benefits, and what kind of developers they will provide.
  9. Description of the development approach
  10. Expected labor costs
  11. Team composition (no contacts) with a brief description of the experience.

First stage prize fund

Winners with more than 6 points in the submission will receive:

1st place: 20,000 TON

2nd place: 15,000 TON

3rd place: 10,000 TON

4th place: 8,000 TON

5th place: 5,000 TON

Content of the submission for the second stage:

  1. Analytical documentation from the 1st stage, used as a basis for development and verification of compliance
  2. Command structure
  3. Content strategy for 6 months
  4. Work plan for 6 months with an indication of planned improvements
  5. Link to the working version of the site
  6. Technical reference (architecture, technology)
  7. Stress test results, verifiable
  8. Link to github with code
  9. Link to sources of graphic materials

Second stage prize fund

1st place: 150,000 TON (Additional 75,000 + 12,500 after 6 months based on the implementation report)

2nd place: 120,000 TON (Additional 60,000 + 10,500 after 6 months based on the implementation report)

3rd place: 90,000 TON (Additional 45,000 + 7,500 after 6 months based on the implementation report)

4th place: 60,000 TON (Additional 30,000 + 5,000 after 6 months based on the implementation report)

5th place: 30,000 TON (Additional 15,000 + 2,500 after 6 months based on the implementation report)

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