Free TON Academy Developers’ Pride contest proposal

Free TON Academy Developers’ Pride contest proposal

08.07.2021 a proposal to hold the Developers Pride contest from Free TON Academy was made on the forum. Despite the fact that the proposal was made a long time ago, it was finalized based on user comments.

What is the essence of the contest?

The purpose of the contest is to support the constant efforts of developers to create high-quality documentation and demonstrate new products and solutions. The documentation allows new users to more comfortably understand the Free TON ecosystem. Also, high-quality documentation helps attract new developers.

The task of the contestants is to collect the maximum useful information in one documentation and offer its standard format.

The main criteria are completeness and quality of documentation.

Possible dates of the contest

20.08.2021 - 05.10.2021.

Prize Pool: 120,000 TON Crystal

First place prize - 27.000 TON Crystal.

Community reaction to the proposal

The proposal interested a significant part of the community: users propose their ideas, note that the reward for such work is very reasonable. Some members of the community compare documentation with Free TON Wiki, although blockchain wikipedia is hardly documentation that can help developers.

Your opinion

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