Flex AMA session review ๐Ÿ“‹


Flex now is about to announce when it will go live
• Flex is going to launch with 6 pairs initially: WEVER/EVER, WBTC/EVER, EVER/USDT, EVER/USDC, USDC/USDT, EVER/DAI
• BRIDGE and QUBE tokens will be next to launch

Q&A section

About Flex unique feature
Most L1 networks are very slow. It practically impossible to build a DEX with an order book. There are some tries with off-chain order books

About token standard
Tokens on Flex have their own interfaces. When you deposit tokens to Flex it just wrapped into internal tokens of Flex and trade it into the book, and when you withdraw it, it just withdrawn to you’re a usual TIP 3.2 tokens

About FLX tokens
• Governance token FLX is needed to participate in DAO. DAO will be launch early next year
• Flex is going to share most of its fees with the users (for the 1st year it will be about 80% returned back to FLX tokens)
• After two private rounds there will be an IDO on Everstart and later on the another platform

About future plans
• Metamask and Surf extension will be added in the 2nd version
• Derivatives are coming next year, there will be also marginal trading
• Current version is not showing full capabilities of Flex. When REMP is implemented Flex will become significantly faster

About the teams responsible for the modifications on Flex
Originally Flex was developed by EverX lab. Now it’s independent.

"I’m ok on CEX, why do I need Flex?"
Because using CEX you have a huge risk of exchange hack or just not to get your tokens back

Information for the users
• To add the tokens to Flex you should contact Flex team
• All the fees are explained in the official documentation on docs.flexdex.fi
• The step-by step guide will be published soon

You can watch the demo on using the Flex interface in the attached video.

๐Ÿ”— Enjoy the AMA

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