Exchanges where you can trade Free TON: KUNA

Exchanges where you can trade Free TON: KUNA

In this series of articles, we’ll go over the main pros and cons of each exchange that has listed Free TON.

 KUNA is one of the first Free TON validators. The company was founded in 2014 and was positioned as an exchange service between fiat money and assets in cryptocurrency. The volume of the company’s exchange transactions was characterized by stable growth, and in 2016 Kuna announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency exchange. In 2019, work began to create its own universal platform, and in 2020 the Free TON blockchain became part of the Kuna ecosystem.

 KUNA is a cryptocurrency exchange from Ukrainian developers. The company is headed by Mikhail Chobanyan, the founder of the exchange with 15 years of experience in the management of the Internet services market. KUNA is not among the platforms that require too much personal user data. To register, you only need to specify an email address and confirm it with a link from the letter. The whole process does not take much time and does not cause any difficulties. To conduct a full-fledged trade, you do not need to undergo any verification, and all exchange functions are available immediately.

Trading commissions from Kuna are slightly higher than those of competitors, you will have to pay 0.25% to complete a transaction, regardless of the volume and whether the client is a seller or a buyer. The site is adapted to work on mobile devices.

In terms of security, client verification is not a prerequisite on the exchange. After registering, Kuna recommends using a 2FA authentication connection using Google’s Authenticator service. In addition, the client can track the history of visits in his personal account, and each time he logs into his account, he will have to enter a special code. According to the exchange representatives, all client funds are stored in cold storage facilities. The site does not have any regulatory licenses.

Speaking about the crediting of funds and their withdrawal from the exchange, the convenience of the service lies primarily in the fact that there are often no commissions for depositing funds, and the interest on transactions and deposits is relatively low. At the same time, you do not need to store currency on the company’s wallet – you create your own and bear fewer risks.

Despite the fact that Kuna’s advertising offer says that for fiat currency (RUB, USD, UAH), there are no limits on input-output from the exchange, they are. The values ​​are as follows:

  • Replenishment: equivalent from 1 to 10,000 USD.
  • Withdrawal: minimum 0.001 TON (the upper limit is not indicated).

 Also, the service has analytics from TradingView and a knowledge base with detailed instructions for beginners. For questions, customers contact support via email, Telegram / Facebook chatbots, and community administrators on Kuhn’s social networks.

According to Coinmarketcap, the average daily trading volume on the Kuna exchange is around $ 1 million, with 14,500 traders on the platform. At the time of this writing, there are 16 coins and 33 trading pairs on the official website of the crypto exchange. More than 50% of transactions are made with the BTC / UAH trading pair. According to the Coingecko website, the Kuna has a reliability of 7/10.

What can KUNA offer to its users?

Kuna offers its customers the following software solutions and services (for both commercial and private individuals):

Kuna Code is a tool for transferring assets between user accounts of the Kuna crypto exchange. It allows you to store or transfer any asset outside the exchange space. To secure the transfer of the asset, the sender creates a special code that can only be activated by the sender or the recipient of the funds. The code itself consists of 45 characters, which excludes the possibility of accidental selection. You can set a certain period of time during which the sender cannot revoke this security code. The advantages of this service are instant crediting of funds, no commissions (both for replenishment and withdrawal of funds).

  • Telegram Bot is a fast and reliable way to buy and sell assets. The service is fully automated, and all transactions inside the bot are confirmed by real balances. Supports payments in hryvnia with Monobank, Universalbank, PrivatBank, and in ruble terms with Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, and Tinkoff Bank.
  • Kuna Money is a service for buying and selling crypto assets using Visa / Mastercard.
  • PRO (Premium) accounts – accounts with a reduced trading commission and access to closed testing of new exchange functions. Premium accounts have higher withdrawal limits.

Kuna Pay is a platform for processing cryptocurrencies and fiat payments. The service is focused on business solutions. Kuna Pay supports connection to multiple payment services to ensure business continuity.

  • Kuna Extensions is a convenient service for collecting the efforts of the Kuna community (collected applications created by users). The service currently includes Kuna Ticker (Chrome browser extensions to track exchange rates on crypto assets) and the Kuna Ticker (iOS) mobile app (a mobile app that helps you keep track of the stock market). It also has its own referral program.

In addition to a large selection of services for KUNA users, the platform is also supported by the presence of registration in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Additional benefits: A system of rewards for users discovering vulnerabilities in the program; Referral program with cashback up to 75% from referral transactions; Verification of each client in accordance with the AML policy; Availability of a convenient mobile application for using the service without reference to a physical location.

Kuna has a reward system for active customers. For example, a program of rewards for vulnerabilities found: if you find an error in the service and notify the support service about it, and do not tell third-party people, friends, or relatives, you will receive funds to your account. Usually, specific numbers are put down in the conditions: how much and for what you will be paid. And by purchasing Kuhn’s VIP account, you get another bonus: a reduced commission on transactions – 0% for sales and 0.125% for purchases.

The KUNA service also has a referral program: you can receive up to 75% of the commission of other users if they have registered on by clicking on your link. Such links are called a referral, and the clients who come are called referrals. Each link is unique, and you can place it on your website, blog, and social network page. The more referrals you have, the higher your status and the more cashback.

What are the ways to deposit and withdraw funds?

Kuna exchange provides its clients with the ability to deposit and withdraw assets using the following tools:

 Kuna Code is a proprietary deposit and withdrawal tool (see “Company Products”). This tool is available for deposits and withdrawals in dollars, rubles, and hryvnias.

Advanced Cash – the advantages of the system are free internal transactions, SWIFT / WIRE transfers, one-time and bulk payments to bank accounts, cards, and multi-currency e-wallets. This tool is available for depositing and withdrawing US dollars and rubles.

Perfect Money – the tool is available only for depositing and withdrawing US dollars.

Payeer – this tool is available for depositing and withdrawing US dollars and rubles.

Qiwi – QIWI users can make payments and money transfers, pay for services, goods, and purchases on the Internet. It is possible to issue virtual and plastic debit cards of the VISA system. This tool is available for deposits and withdrawals in rubles and hryvnias.

Visa / Mastercard – this tool is available for deposits and withdrawals in rubles and hryvnias.

Also within the framework of cooperation, according to representatives of the exchange, trading pairs with UAH, RUB, and USDT will be available. Bitcoin will be added if the demand is right.

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