EverX February Digest Review 🗞

EverX February Digest Review 🗞

Node team

• The source code containing support for the REMP protocol was released
• The team has conducted a comprehensive refactoring of operations related to data cells in other local node database
• Source codes for solidity-based elector were published, and is going to be finalized soon after evaluation experiment on devnet

Flex DEX

• The team was focused on enhancing the web version of Flex DEX: establishing a stable connection with the Surf extension and optimizing the overall user interface and experience
• Several flows were initiated during February and are expected to be finalized in March: the implementation of the “delete user” and “recover gas” flows, onboarding processes that involve wallet selection and installment

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• Solc and Sold binaries available in everdev has been rebuilt from public tags
• CapSignatureWithId capability is supported in ever-sdk 1.41.0 and everdev 1.6.0. Read more here
• Ability to change network config without dropping the database is added to Evernode-SE. Simply update the config and then restart the container
• The list of givers was refactored. New GiverV3 was published in SE repository and supported in everdev 1.6.0


• Unstable MessageMonitor API — released only in devnet now
• Timeout parameter of query (blocks, accounts, transactions, messages) max value will be set to 40 seconds starting from 1st of April. Link. Use subscriptions if you need longer waiting period
Evercloud changelog has been updated and will be up-to-date since now

👉 If you have a question ask the team here👁‍🗨 To read the full digest from EverX

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