EverX August digest Review 🗞

EverX August digest Review 🗞

Ever.Live team continues to work to completely switch to React, which increases the speed of UI
• Recently updated the elections time algorithm that shows time of the next 2 elections
• Speed up statistics for accounts
• New datepicker on Ever.Live

Node: Shard state storage and optimization
• Improvements in Operation with Blockchain State Data
• Low Memory Mode and Fast Mode
• Stabilizing the REMP solution
• The GOSH infrastructure team recently rolled out a small testnet for testing GOSH updates.

Flex: Updates Galore, Limit Orders and More
• The Limit Order feature was recently released on public beta
• Gas Recovery via DeBot
• The FLEX instructions have been updated to include information such as How to Trade, How to Withdraw, Recover Gas Balances and more.

Evernode Platform/SDK
• Evercloud
Over the past few weeks the Evernode team has completed two milestones: Authorization and the Developer Dashboard
• Evernode-SE
The team added a REST API endpoint/se with several management functions to their famous blockchain emulator
• Evernode-DS
The team also released node version upgrades and bug fixes

🔗 Full EverX August digest is available here.

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