EverX AMA session Review ๐Ÿ—ž

About the uniqueness of Everscale
๐Ÿ›‘The Everscale concept is a decentralized scalable backend. USP: Solving the blockchain thrilleme with SMFT
๐Ÿ›‘SMFT is a key innovation: processing without reducing the number of validators checking the block
๐Ÿ›‘With REMP it is planned to transfer DApp to a decentralized backend, saving high level User Experience

Possible use cases
๐Ÿ›‘Tokenization of objects, including real estate (possibly coming soon on Everscale)

The more complex the projects are, the more popular the unique Everscale architecture will become.

DeBot technology development
๐Ÿ›‘DeBots as frontend technology is implemented, but is now not so popular
๐Ÿ›‘DeBots, as middleware technology, as an interface for working with a series of smart contracts, are actively used (for example, in Flex and the Surf extension)

Uniqueness of True NFT
The ability to use smart contracts to order and receive data from the disk. Fully works together with the drivechain. As soon as the drivechain is fully implemented, True NFT will be updated.

Why there is there no progress in FIDE and KAMAZ partnerships?
๐Ÿ›‘Structuring at the peak of expectations (before the NFT market collapsed in November 2022). Inability to meet the expectations of FIDE
๐Ÿ›‘MVP for KAMAZ was created but not developed. The company's priorities had changed. Potentially promising niche. Needs to have partners and integration with them

About zkSNARKs technology
๐Ÿ›‘The DeVote case with millions of voters has a great potential
๐Ÿ›‘There are not enough resources to bring the technology to the mainnet yet. Perhaps some other teams will pick up the development

About the Chinese BSN blockchain
The Chinese side insists on limiting the movement of gas between accounts, which makes it pointless to use the Everscale architecture.

What is EverX working on now?
๐Ÿ›‘Node (main load)
๐Ÿ›‘Compiler (Flex is written in C++ compiler)
๐Ÿ›‘EverCloud (SDK works with it — convenience for developers to join the ecosystem)
๐Ÿ›‘Other products (Surf, Flex, GOSH): EverX as a technology and financial partner

EverX tasks for 2023
๐Ÿ›‘To finish the Roadmap
๐Ÿ›‘To synchronize the Roadmap with Venom needs
๐Ÿ›‘To finalize key development components
๐Ÿ›‘To support other products

What can help Everscale (Alex Filatov opinion)
๐Ÿ›‘To work more in conditions of market realities, to focus on work with investors without losing ideology
๐Ÿ›‘The theme of partnership between Everscale, Venom, TON and GOSH is one of the main integration themes of 2023. These projects complement each other, all of them have strengths. If we start collaborating, it will make everyone stronger. Potentially, this is the strongest factor influencing the Everscale capitalization.

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