Everscale wins Bybit listing with 41 mln votes

Everscale wins Bybit listing with 41 mln votes


Bybit is a major cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2018. It is in the top 10 exchanges according to CoinMarketCap with a 24-hour trading volume of $581,641,248 at the time of publication.

Bybit started to hold votes via its ByVotes platform in May 2022. The exchange chose three promising tokens that it had not yet listed for each “chapter” and invited users to vote for the one they would most like to see on the exchange.

Users are particularly motivated to take part in ByVotes by the prospect of being able to get an award in the winning token if they voted for it, depending on the number of votes cast.

Moreover, users do not need to lock their tokens to vote. Instead, three hours before voting starts on ByVotes, Bybit takes a snapshot of account balances so that it can later confirm the distribution of votes. This is possible since it costs 1 USDT to cast one vote. The maximum number of votes that can be cast from one account is10,000.

A total of 12 chapters took place on ByVotes. Everscale was the winner of the last one, with the EVER token receiving over 41 million votes, which broke the overall record for the number of votes on the platform.

Everscale's victory on ByVotes

On February 20, 2023, news of the token's participation in Chapter 12 of ByVotes broke on Everscale social media. The community was looking forward to the start of voting; there were discussions in the network’s chats about getting friends involved in the ByVotes process, and Everscale media regularly reminded  its audience about the upcoming event.

Voting started on March 2, and Everscale received more than 1,000,000 votes in the first seconds, while its competitors had no more than 50,000. The voters should be applauded – the community made the effort to set alarms and vote right from the beginning of the round, despite the fact that it was the middle of the night for people in certain time zones when voting started.

When a large gap started to emerge between Everscale and its competitors, Verasity and Poolz Finance, more Bybit users joined in and began to vote for the obvious winner. In the end, Everscale received a total of 41,285,985 votes, and we are sure that there would have been even more if voting had gone on for longer.

The Everscale community has proven that it is made up of people who support the network with all their hearts. Thank you!

How we did it

The recipe for Everscale’s success was a strong community, the right motivation, proper information for users, and the support of the network’s friends – like the good people at MarsDAO and Indonesian millionaire blogger Angga. How did it work?

Firstly, Everscale did a great job during the warmup period. We held two AMA sessions with Bybit: a text one on Telegram with a prize pool of 800 USDT and an audio one on Twitter Spaces with a prize pool of 5,000 EVER. A total of 7,571 users joined to listen to the Twitter Space.

The community asked important questions that helped listeners better understand Everscale and make it clear why it was worth voting for EVER. User activity was very valuable. We cannot stress enough that Everscale has a seriously strong community.

Secondly, participation in ByVotes was a chance to enter the contest to get a VIP ticket to EVERPOINT 2023, which will be held in the UAE for Everscale’s third anniversary. Needless to say, many users accepted the challenge and found even greater motivation to vote.

Thirdly, we were supported by the winner of the ByVotes Chapter 11 – MarsDAO. MarsDAO CEO Vladislav Utushkin repeatedly informed the community about Everscale's participation in the Chapter 12, and MarsDAO users joined Everscale’s chats, actively communicating and preparing for the vote. Thank you very much, friends – your support is priceless!

Finally, the Indonesian community made a great contribution to Everscale's victory, learning about Chapter 12 of ByVotes from popular blogger Angga, to whom we also express great gratitude.

Let's sum up the results

Now we can say with confidence that Everscale has a power that manifests itself thanks to a cohesive and truly interested community. And the events on ByVotes will definitely go down in the network’s history.

Meanwhile, the contest for an EVERPOINT VIP ticket continues. We will be announcing the results of the first stage soon, but the battle will not end there, so keep your eyes peeled for info about what’s next.

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