Everscale Weekly Meetup Review 🗞

Community Weekly Meetup #109 was held on June 28.

Agenda 📝

GB Merchants collection details by 👨‍💻 Pavel Smirnov, Grandbazar community manager

• 1st collection on Everscale that provides GLB format
• 3333 items is just the 1st part of the collection. The full one will include 10k Merchants.
• This is the 1st step to the Everscale metaverse

Tech updates by 👨‍💻 Pavel Prigolovko, EverX team

We have now in the Mainnet only 1 shard, we had 16 before. So the smart-contracts will be executed much faster which is better for users and helps to promote Everscale.

Imara NFT marketplace presentation by the African Subgovernance

Imara is
• the 1st ethnic NFT matketplace on Everscale created to support local artists
• the 1st finished project of Everscale in Africa after rebranding
• a project with unique referral system where the referral takes 2,5% for every sale of the artist he attracts to the platform
• The marketplace supports Ever Wallet and it's starts officially in early July

Elysium hackathon announcement by 👨‍💻 Vlad Ponomarev, Broxus CEO

It will held offline in Serbia and online on 14-17 July and will consist of 3 tracks:
1 — Cross-chain dApps using Octus Bridge
2 — Development for developers on Everscale
3 — UX/UI interfaces

• About 30 people have registered already
• The main objective is to introduce Everscale and Broxus team
• It’s also a networking, so not only developers are welcome!

Marketing updates by 👨‍💻 Alexander Astakhov

• Everscale was mentioned in Forbes article
Coinmarketcap updates — new Everscale description and links
• Ecosystem listings on Coinmarketcap — FlatQube, Everstart, Octus Bridge and Sparta Cats

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