Everscale Weekly Meetup #105 review ๐Ÿ—ž

At the request of the community we publish a short review of the Everscale Weekly Meetup #105.

• Everscale was presented as a Gold sponsor at The Capital 2022 conference with the speaker Nikita Inshakov.

• Technical updates by Mitja Goroshevsky: "If the validators need to repair their nodes the current upgrade is going to mandatorily fix the database".

• The largest national community marketing activities were presented by Denis Kalinin: "The Chinese community held some AMAs in Chinese, and now we have about 8000 users in the Telegram group.

• NEVER as a system of stable coin auctions based on the Mitya's Whitepaper was presented by Anzor Daurov from Radians Team. He suggested the live game to put some bets to the NEVER auction through EVER Wallet using test network tokens.

Dune Network community members asked about the possibility of re-vote in Proposal #52 on EVER DAO but the voting results haven't changed.

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