Everscale: results of the 2022 year

Everscale: results of the 2022 year

The 2022 year in Everscale began with an airdrop from Broxus for early bridge users and contests, and culminated with the intriguing news of Everscale's collaboration with the Arabic network. Let's get acquainted with the Everscale 2022 digest!

EVER Listing

In 2022, the EVER token was added to:

  • DappRadar is the most popular data aggregator for dApps, DeFi protocols, NFT and GameFi
  • Coinone is a centralized exchange from South Korea, one of the top 20 largest exchanges according to Coinmarketcap
  • HotBit is an international cryptocurrency trading platform
  • BitMart is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, which  was in the top 15 exchanges at the time of listing (May) with the largest trading volumes according to Coingecko
  • Coinstore is a centralized exchange that is based in Singapore
  • KuCoin is a popular centralized exchange
  • Huobi is a popular centralized exchange
  • ONUS is a cryptocurrency storage, exchange and staking application
  • StealthEX is a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Indodax is one of the largest exchanges in Indonesia


The past year for Everscale was full of new partnerships, let's remember the most interesting of them:

  • Pi UNION is an Estonian fintech company that builds products around the legal gateway of fiat crypto, which allows users to transfer fiat funds to cryptocurrency and back
  • SupraOracles is a next-generation cross-chain oracle
  • PileBlocks is a blockchain multiplayer app that allows players to create cell images together and earn tokens
  • Direct Agent 5 (DA5) is a Philippine company
  • Chainwars is a blockchain-developed collectible card game where users can collect cards, fight opponents, earn and trade
  • IndoCoin is a cryptocurrency platform owned by PT Nusantara Trust Indonesia
  • GamerHub is a multi-chip crypto gaming aggregator that will allow gamers to access games on different blockchains in one place


In 2022, many projects were launched on Everscale, for example:

  • The grant program from DeFi Alliance began its work
  • Broxus launched the Broxie NFT collection that set sales record on GrandBazar
  • Snipa.finance is a DeFi portfolio tracker that allows users to track their own and others' assets in Everscale
  • EverDues is an online system for accepting regular payments in cryptocurrency
  • Ever Name is a Everscale-based decentralized domain name service
  • SpartaCats is a new NFT meme coin project aimed at attracting users to Everscale
  • EverStart is a launchpad launched on Everscale
  • Qamon is a mail service based on Everscale
  • Tokstock is an NFT marketplace from Blockchain Family, launched on the Everscale blockchain
  • GOSH is a separate blockchain based on Everscale technology that offers a comprehensive solution to secure the global supply chain of open source software
  • EverGaming is an ecosystem for gaming and esports enthusiasts launched on Everscale


  • From February 1 to February 28, Tezos DeFi Hackathon was held with tasks from Everscale
  • The Everscale network token standard has been updated to the TIP-3.1 standard
  • EVER DAO voting platform was launched
  • Givers were renamed to Treasury
  • Broxus conducted a Bounty program, the essence of which is the creation of affordable products guides  inside Everscale
  • From May 6 to May 7, Bali hosted an event called EverPoint Conference, dedicated to the anniversary of Everscale
  • New farming mechanics were launched on FlatQube
  • NFT marketplace GrandBazar introduced a new TIP-4 standard for NFT
  • Everscale sponsored CoinMarketCap conference "The Capital 2022”
  • The Broxus team held the Broxus Elysium Hackathon from July 14-17
  • From November 28 to December 4, blockchain week was held in the Philippines, where Alexander Filatov presented Everscale
  • Everscale Elysium Hackathon was held from November 1 to 28
  • A number of votes were held at EVER DAO, during which Everscale finished or continued its partnership with some teams and initial community members
  • DevEx, DeFi and DGO Subgovernances returned unspent tokens to the treasury
  • Everscale economic reform was accepted on August 1
  • On November 2, a proposal to make stEVER a governance token on EVER DAO was accepted
  • On October 25, 50 million LEVER were minted. Locked EVER is a token necessary to adjust partnership obligations without pressure on the market
  • Octus Bridge has been added to the Solana ecosystem catalog

We don't know what 2023 prepared for us, but if you're reading this article, then you're interested in the Everscale project. Thank you so much for that! We hope 2023 will be successful!

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