Everscale & Ongroo to launch NFT marketplace in Korea ๐Ÿš€

Everscale & Ongroo to launch NFT marketplace in Korea ๐Ÿš€

On February 28 Ongroo Inc., South Korea’s leading art content creation company and Everscale officially agreed to jointly develop and launch an NFT marketplace based in South Korea — informs Beincrypto.

Front-end design for the project will be handled by Korean artists curated by Ongroo and a team of developers from Everscale will build the technological foundations of the project. It's expected that a new NFT marketplace, which, in contrast with others, will be designed to comply with all the requirements of South Korean lawmakers.

Over the past two years, Everscale has emerged as one of the biggest blockchains in Asia. The network is currently rolling out a Korean campaign to open new doors for Koreans into the world of DeFi and cryptocurrency — noted in the article.

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