Everscale Elysium Hackathon ▶️

Everscale Elysium Hackathon ▶️

The hackathon is now in progress and it's a deep learning experience for the participants and also for the sponsors.

There are several sponsors present the hackathon tracks.

Ylide Protocol is a sponsor of one of the tracks with the Bounty prize pool of $12,000 in EVER.

Ylide is a decentralized protocol for wallet-to-wallet communication that helps developers to create dApps to get crypto users connected having only their blockchain addresses. The sponsor prepared for a list of ideas that can be built on the basis of Ylide or the hackathon participants.

There is a list of the project which are already in work by the teams in Ylide track

Browser Extension Message/Invoice App — A chrome browser extension that lets you send messages, invoices and payments using Ylide
Browser Extension Message/Invoice App — A browser extension that utilizes Ylide's capabilities to send messages to other wallet holders
Ylide registry — List holders for a given token
QR Code Ylide — A simple QR code generator
Ajo — Building a social wallet platform
GuneLock App — Hackable and extendable cross-platform privacy focused note-taking and diary app
Ylide Pass — An elegant passwords manager powered by Ylide
Event as a format — Propose and implement a design for displaying calendar events in the Ylide interface

Next we will tell about another tracks' projects, stay tuned.

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