Everscale Community Weekly Digest ๐Ÿš€

Everscale Community Weekly Digest ๐Ÿš€

• Everscale and MarsDAO announced the partnership

• DeVote App presentation took place on the w3voice channel on Discord

• Everscale and Ongroo partnered to launch a new NFT marketplace for South Korea

• Venom, jointly with Iceberg Capital, launches a $1 billion venture fund

• An article about Everscale and CBDC got into the recommendations on CoinMarketCap

• New channel for tracking Broxie NFT updates on Tokstock had been created

• The GOSH team hosted live stream with token airdrop

• The second issue of "The Broxus Times" newspaper was published. The short version is here

• EVERPLAY platform hosted Brawl Stars Tournament for Broxie NFT holders

• EverX released the February digest. The review is here

• Broxus team announced interns contest for Broxie holders only

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