Everscale community weekly digest ๐Ÿ“†

Everscale community weekly digest ๐Ÿ“†

• Binance Live hosted Crypto Media AMA session with Vladislav Ponomarev and about 15 thousand viewers

• Everscale Elysium Hackathon has started online

• The proposal to make stEVER a governance token on EVER DAO has been accepted

• A guide-on how to get stEVER tokens was published

• The service of decentralized domain names Ever Name was launched. The FAQ are here

Unlock of next portion of QUBE tokens on EverStart

• Everspace wallet updates were published

• A series of mini-tournaments on Call of Duty: Mobile has started on the EverGaming platform

• The partnership between Everscale and IndoCoin was announced

• The competitions of CWE token traders have started on FlatQube

• Qamon mail service updates were published

• Meme contest from SpartaCats with the main prize 8,888,888 $PURR has started

• AMA session with Sergey Shashev took place

• The proposal to create xConnect was not accepted on EVER DAO

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