Everscale community weekly digest ๐Ÿ“†

Everscale community weekly digest ๐Ÿ“†

• GrandBazar announced the grant winner for the best NFT collection

• Proposal to pay dividends to relays and stake holders was appeared on BRIDGE DAO

• Article about the SMFT consensus protocol in Everscale was published

• Broxie announced creative contest with the WL prize

• SpartaCats announced the EverGaming tournament series results

• Soon Alliance has received WL from Broxie. The winner is one who burns more SOON

• DevEx Subgovernance returned all unused tokens to the Treasury

• Evercloud API will only be available to authorized users from 09/22/22

• The EverX team has published September digest with the latest updates

• Article about Evercash updates was published

• Everspace Wallet announced the new wallet release for Android and iOS

• Qamon mail service based on Everscale was released

• Voting on the Everscale Bug Bounty program started on EVER DAO

• The Messari analytical platform has published detailed research on the Everscale blockchain

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