Everscale community weekly digest 📆

Everscale community weekly digest 📆

• Answers to questions from Identix.Space were published

• The next batch of QUBE tokens has been redeemed and burned

• EverKit has started collect questions from community about grants

• 114th Community Meetup was held in English

• Street art dedicated to the Broxie Family appeared in Belgrade

• Several voting proposals completed on EVER DAO

• FlatQube has published a list of tokens excluded from this DEX

• An article about upcoming changes in the QUBE tokenomics was published

• An article about new features of Everscan was published

• EverGaming and SpartaCats announced Wild Rift tournament

• GOSH has published an article about the Metaverse

• A quiz on knowledge of the Broxie Family NFT collection was held on the Broxus channel in Discord

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