Everscale Community Token ๐ŸŸข

Everscale Community Token ๐ŸŸข

Dear friends, we have launched ECT — Everscale Community Token. The first token usage we implement is Community DAO.

With the token, it will be possible to make proposals on the everdao.net without blocking 100 000 EVER, according to the following scheme: with ECT, the proposal is put on the Community DAO and, if ECT holders vote for, EverKit blocks its 100 000 EVER on the everdao.net and publishes this proposal on behalf of the community.

You can get tokens by participating in quizzes, retrospective airdrops and other activities. We already have plans to implement other applications for the token, but we will tell you about it later. We are preparing the tokenomics of the project and will publish it in anticipation of the new year. In the future, the listing of the token on the exchanges is also possible.

We will make every effort to make the token earning interesting, to holding — useful, and usage — pleasant.

New Year's time promises to be interesting and generous, so stay on the channel, join the chat and be sure to invite friends!

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