Everscale Community MeetUp #122 Review ๐Ÿ—ž

AIBC Summit in Dubai
Key subjects: Metaverse, Web3 phenomenon in business, Blockchain Scalability, DAOs

EVER listing on Bybit
Prerequisites for the Everscale voting success: good preparation, strong support from the MarsDAO community, leading from the 1st second

Tokstock NFT marketplace
2 main goals:
Open source (Anyone can launch a similar marketplace)
• Conviniance driven (fully informative with user friendly UX)

Coming soon:
• Lower fees for Broxie holders
• Launchpad for the user collections
If you want to verify your collection now, please, contact the marketplace.

Everspace Wallet updates
Everspace is a non-custodial, thin-backend wallet (works directly with blockchain) with constant updates (4-6 releases per month).

What’s new in last 6 months:
• SWAP & Bridge
• Buy crypto (available on Android)
• Integration with EverName (DeDNS)
• Multi-chain (Everscale, Ethereum and TON)
• User flow updates

RustCup payouts
• 29 locked stakes from validators who want to participate in the Boost staking — all of these stakes are made for 48 months (the longest possible).
• March 18 is a deadline for receiving applications from validators. Hurry up!
• Payout procedure: 5 dePools daily to reduce the pressure on EVER
๐Ÿ“„RustCup Payouts Procedure Document

About TON and Everscale
All MeetUp participants agreed that if all the TVM blockchains will cooperate they will be stronger than if we try to compete with each other.

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