Everscale Community Meetup #121 Review ๐Ÿ—ž

Flex update

Flex is now live
• Web-based version will be ready soon

Core development progress

• Our nearest effort is publishing the source code for REMP
• Currently we have a result about 500-600 TPS and soon it will be about 1000 TPS in stable way
• Everybody in community can check the source and make their experiments
• After that the plan is to publish source code with support of multiple work chains in the node
• We are making some efforts in improving elector (From Swift elector to Solidity elector)

RustCup contest payouts and updates

DeFi Alliance initially started with a draft of proposal after the open dialogue with Everscale validators
• After a few iterations with a narrow focus group it was ready and is still on the vote
• According to the proposal, the boosted rewards for stakers have been cancelled
• The procedure of payouts will continue during 1 month
• The form for validators to submit the contact details should be created next week

A journey to the full stack Everscale dev

• “Everscale Crash Course” tutorial from @mnill was published several months ago
• It includes front dev, back dev and smart contracts, code samples and advanced level information
• The tutorial finishes with writing a simple game — interactive part of the tutorial

Everscale Docs Re-Work Announcement

• The new Everscale Documentation by @qwadratic is being finalized and is expected to be published in 2-3 weeks
• It should be more complex and without redundant stuff

Web3 Coffeemaker

"Robonomics coffee" open source project is a smart coffee machine integrated in Robonomics Network. This project aims to show Robonomics potential in the IoT sphere by a real-world example.


When will the new Roadmap appear on the website?
Estimated time is the end of the March

What is Venom and why is everyone so excited about it?
Venom is a 1st regulated blockchain in UAE
• Venom for us is a good source of partnerships and new projects
• Read the interview with Sergey Shashev about the Everscale & Venom interaction

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