Everscale Community Meetup #120 review ๐Ÿ“ฃ

The last community call of the year took place on 13th of December.

GOSH updates
โ€ข GOSH has released version 3.0
โ€ข You can push quite large reps
โ€ข A special server pushes your repository to GOSH for you. GOSH sends you an e-mail when itโ€™s done

Ever Platform updates
Already released:
โ€ข Flex API
โ€ข Flex SDK
โ€ข Price API

In progress:
โ€ข Message processing pool (backend processing)
โ€ข Project analytics (the information about API quality and metrics based on that

Already released:
โ€ข CapFullBodyInBounced supported
โ€ข CapCopyleft: instruction is tolerated by SE not fully functional yet (collects fees to the block, but does not transfer them to masterchain yet)

Client Libraries
A lot of web socket optimisations for high throughput

REMP development status
โ€ข General development is done. Now the team is working on the bugs
โ€ข Current speed achieved: 300+ TPS
โ€ข Target: 1000 TPS, then deploy on testing networks and mainnet

Elysium Hackathon Results
Best hackathon GameFi projects were reviewed. Read the projects review on our website.

Indonesian community updates
โ€ข AMA-sessions are currently almost every week through Instagram
โ€ข Plans for 2023: to do more collaborations, some airdrops, continue to build Local GameFi community

๐ŸŽฅ To watch the full MeetUp

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