Everscale community Meetup #119 Recap ๐Ÿ“ƒ

2 conferences where Everscale were presented

Token2049 in London
• Key discussion point was whether basically you have to be to be EVM compatible. Consensus was that now it is a chance for Layer1s networks
• Alex Filatov spoke on the panel about performance of the Everscale blockchain
• Everscale is up for 2 more listings

AIBC Malta conference
• Everscale team: Alexander Filatov, Vladimir Masliakov and two Foundation members — Dave and Mike
• The team has participated in tons of different panels
• Everscale got the “Blockchain of the year” award

Architecture committee updates

• REMP is about to be implemented into the Mainnet
• SMFT — everyone can join to testing

Ever Name project from Blockchain Family

Blockchain Family is a team of blockchain experts who created Everscale itself. The team works on:
• Accepting DeFi for everybody
• Developing new infrastructure products for the Everscale ecosystem

Ever Name is the decentralized domain name service based on Everscale blockchain.

Main features
• Each address is an NFT which you can own, sell and transfer to everyone
• Currently it has several integrations like EVER Wallet, Qamon and a new marketplace which is underway
• Currently several teams including Blockchain Family team control the system. But after the improvements is done the team is considering to transfer the rights for DAO

๐Ÿ”— To watch the Meetup

Everscale Elysium Hackathon results are expected for the next community call.

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