Everscale Community Meetup #115 Review ๐Ÿ—ž

1. Everscale Foundation member, Dave told about Everscale participation in AIBC Malta conference which will be held from 15 to 18 of November.
• About 20 thousand visitors are expected.
• Details about Everscale participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

2. Last Architectural Committee agenda: presentation of the Road map from the Node team. Most likely it will become public this week.
• Technical side: intensive REMP testing during the last two weeks.
• SMFT: 1st phase is already developed including specifications. But subsequent parts were not developed yet. Decisions on issues for example, how to slash verifiers which are lazy ones, are expected on the next Committee session this Thursday.

3. Messari report released by Peter Orton, Messari analytical team member with Everscale community assistance.
• The main point is that the open sourse which was taken now is fully rewritten by Everscale teams.
• This report will be published on the Everscale website and translated into other languages (Bahasi, Korean and others).
• There are 2 more reports are also expected, that will be useful for the newcomers and investors to understand what Everscale is.

4. Bug Bounty program proposal on the EVER DAO received 100% votes "yes" but quorum was not reached. So the proposal will be reconstructed for the better incentive. It needs a few changes to the program description in the rewards section specifically such as possibility to pay reward in LEVERs to take selling pressure on EVER off.

5. About a year ago, it was decided to move away from the subgovernance model, the leaders of the former SGs themselves decide on the further format of work. For example, DevEx leaders see more of hackathon type of activity.

6. 3 mln EVER were swapped to USDT in the middle of August and the middle of September. You can learn more information from the call recording.

7. GEX and Flex won't be competitors. These are same exchanges with the single order book, backend ect, just two separate frontend. So this is fully coordinated action between GOSH and Flex teams.

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