EverKit — all about Everscale ✅

EverKit — all about Everscale ✅

EverKit usually updates its media resource to keep you up to date with all the information about Everscale. We strive to cover absolutely all aspects of the project.

List of sections on our website:

Articles — All publications about Everscale
Section for newcomers — Step-by-step onboarding
Ecosystem — Everscale projects
Help Everscale projects — Mutual assistance within ecosystem 🆕
EverBoard — Detailed token tracking service 🆕
Documentation — Guides for users
Coin — All about EVER
Coin Distribution — History, current balances, vesting
Quizzes — Immersion in the project for prizes
Contests — History of all contests
Everscale Identity — Logo and brand identity

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EverKit – All about Everscale