EverStart launchpad tokenomics

EverStart launchpad tokenomics

EverStart is an Everscale-based launchpad created to launch projects on Everscale. At the moment, the tokensale of the native EverStart token — START — is taking place on the launchpad. In this article, we will tell you in more detail what a token is needed for.

About the token

Token emission 1,000,000 START. Below you can see the detailed distribution of tokens.

The token allows launchpad participants to receive a guaranteed allocation. If the user participates in dynamic allocation, then when the Hard Cap is exceeded, he will receive tokens not for the entire amount of the deposit, but only for its part. However, if the participant uses the START token, they are guaranteed to receive an allocation of 10% of the tokens at the Soft Cap price.

How does it work?

Two pools will be created on the launchpad: for dynamic and guaranteed allocations. 10% of the user's deposit goes to the pool with guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft cap. 90% go to the standard pool with dynamic allocation. In addition to the contribution, a commission of 1% is paid for using the service with guaranteed allocation. The commission is exchanged for the START token.


It is important to note that START is a deflationary token, it is burned with each use of the function of obtaining guaranteed allocation.

To participate in the START token sale, click here. The token sale will take place until June 18, 14:00 (UTC). 

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