EverGaming — at junction of three growing markets

EverGaming — at junction of three growing markets

According to Statista, the revenues of the global eSports market may reach 1.9 billion USD by 2025, and the audience may increase from the current 532 million to 640 million users worldwide. China accounts for nearly a third of worldwide eSports revenues.

Now the eSports market is vastly centralized around several major participants, such as advertising agencies, tournament organizers, streaming platforms working against decentralization to prevent the mass crowd of value creators from receiving major profits.

The lion’s share of profits of the prize pie in eSports so far goes to the PC-games market. There is a lack of content for mobile gamers in tournaments, challenges, etc. The solutions available on the market are single faceted and not complex, and advertisers haven’t had a platform that would directly connect them with their target audience. Mobile apps and games only support the function of buying in-game items with no real mechanics of monetizing your skill and time.

The EverGaming ecosystem team has developed a new economic model in eSports, in which players and teams of any level can monetize their skills, time and content, and also provide themselves with the support of the audience and sponsors without intermediaries using end-to-end DAO. So, gamers, teams, influencers and viewers interact closely with each other using end-to-end DAO. Thus, all ecosystem participants are interested in the growth of the decentralized EverGaming platform.

Today, the smartphone has turned into an ideal platform for gaming. Statistics from 2022 show that there are already about 2.5 billion mobile gamers worldwide, which is comparable to the number of players on PCs and consoles combined.

Everyone has a mobile phone, which means that the user can now play anywhere. The quality of mobile games has grown extremely. Mobile gaming is overtaking the PC gaming market by several times in terms of growth. The offer of sponsors is constantly growing, more and more brands want to get access to a mobile audience.

However, the market of competitive games and especially mobile eSports is still at the initial stage because it has not yet received significant investments to organize an ecosystem with its own eSports environment. EverGaming, with its new economic model in the next several years will primarily focus on democratising and making mobile gaming competitive and lucrative for those seeking a professional career, advertisement and audience.

The EverGaming platform works at the junction of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and uses two main currencies: traditional finance and native tokens of the EVG platform. Stable currency is intended for the mass player. EVG tokens are mainly for advanced users, crypto enthusiasts and investors. Tokens give the user a number of advantages — exclusive content, tournaments and functionality, as well as the opportunity to make a profit by simply holding tokens.

So, the mobile gaming market is actively developing, but there are still fewer eSports tournaments than PC ones. The EverGaming team focuses specifically on mobile games and tournaments and strives to get a part of this market. Thanks to the use of two types of currency, the platform is already becoming massive — it is easy for both a beginner and an advanced gamer with experience in using tokens to start.

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